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Monday, 1 September 2008

How Islamic preachers incite murder – in Britain

Last time it was the men calling for gays to be executed in rather unusual ways. This time it's women doing the inciting. The one thing they have in common is that they're all Muslim.

As we reported a while ago, Channel 4's Dispatches series is back with "Undercover Mosque: the Return". And it's on tonight.

Yesterday's Sunday Times has been previewing the programme, and tells us:

Women preachers are urging followers at one of Britain’s most influential mosques to kill homosexuals and view all non-Muslims as “vile”, according to a television documentary.

The London Central Mosque and Islamic Cultural Centre, known as the Regent’s Park Mosque, is one of the most respected centres for moderate Islam in western Europe.

However, an undercover investigation by the Channel 4 Dispatches programme has found extremist preachers have held study circles there and are teaching followers a hardline version of the faith followed in Saudi Arabia, known as Wahhabism.

A female reporter infiltrated women's study circles for the programme. In one, a woman preacher using the name Umm Amira told followers, “We are not going to be like animals . . . or to be like the homosexuals, God save us from that, you understand? We have to take the judgement, the judgement is to kill them.”

Charming! But we shouldn't be surprised.

1 comment:

Baal's Bum said...

Would she have the right to voice her opinion especially if it went against the state culture in an Islamic country.
Or would her men folk tell her to shut the fuck up bitch.....
It my imagination or do the same laws that protect her right to freely condemn our culture, try to prevent me saying any thing bad about her culture.
Well fuck the law, her and her culture are bigoted and backwards and need to get their tongue out of allahs arse and start looking to a future where we can all get along.