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Friday, 7 August 2009

Queen of Heaven

“Fundamentalist Christians have claimed that a play to be performed later this year as part of the Glasgay arts festival is insulting to their beliefs,” Pink News reports.

The culprit here is the rabidly gay-detesting Christian Institute. The “crime”? Jesus is depicted as a transsexual and is Queen of Heaven.

What organisations such as the Christian Institute don’t see is that a belief doesn’t belong to anyone, so anyone can do as they please with it. Once one organisation claims some proprietorial right to it, other organisations that come under the same banner – in this case “Christian” – are automatically excluded, unless their beliefs concerning this belief system, their objectives, their mission statements, their conduct and observances are all exactly the same. And then there would be no need for the two separate subsystems.

I feel an unassailable argument taking form here!

Looked at another way, I believe in the existence of, let’s say, telepathy. Am I justified in getting all uppity because you make a film about telepathy (as has been done, numerous times), or write a fantasy novel about it, ridicule it, say it’s not possible?

No, of course not.

What if I believed in Nazism? Should I have the kind of protection for my belief that the Christian Institute says ought to exist for its belief in the Lord Jesus Christ?

No, of course not.

So shut up, you philistinic, interfering bunch of nutjobs!
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