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Tuesday, 29 September 2009

The evil of Ratzo's “living and relevant force”

So the Catholic Church is just a “creative minority”, Pope Ratzo admits.

The homophobic old bigot was speaking to reporters on the plane taking him to the Czech Republic, and said that creative minorities “determine the future”.

“The Catholic Church must understand itself as a creative minority with a legacy of values which are not a thing of the past, but which are a very living and relevant force that must be realised, rendered present in the public debate,” said the Devil’s spawn.

A very “living and relevant force” that doesn’t think condoms should be distributed as a way of preventing, to some extent, the spread of AIDS? That “living and relevant force”?

Or is it the “living and relevant force” that won’t allow birth control by those among whom, through fear, it wields its evil influence, even though kids can’t be provided for in some societies, and, anyway, every new birth is a further drain on the Earth’s resources?

Perhaps it is the “living and relevant force” that won’t allow abortion – on pain of excommunication – even if women are vulnerable, likely to die, be unable to look after the child or children.

Then there’s the “living and relevant force” that opposes the rights of same-sex partners, and even causes some young people to commit suicide because they can’t bear being gay after being told by Ratzo and his despicable cohort that it’s evil.

This “living and relevant force” continues to insist on sectarian schools, of course, thus ensuring that young people feel alienated from their fellow human beings, not to mention the “living and relevant force” that has tried to cover up the actions of pervy priests who’ve abused young people.

Yes, Benny, old chap, a really useful “living and relevant force”, that!

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