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Friday, 24 October 2008

Beanz Meanz GM?

The London Gay Man website reported yesterday that “unauthorised” GM crops have been found in parts of Scotland:

Trial sowings of a new variety of oilseed rape located in Aberdeenshire and also near Arbroath in Angus were discovered to have unauthorised GM properties but swift action from the Scottish Government prevented their progress.

According to the news report, the director of Friends of the Earth Duncan McLaren said this was yet another example of the careless attitude of the GM industry, and that his organisation supported the Scottish government’s decision.

Meanwhile, Scottish Environment Minister Michael Russell is reported as having said:

This further emphasises the continuing need for rigorous controls on GM material and for Scotland to remain a GM crop-free zone.

In the October 2008 issue of G&LH, you can read my article “Gay genes and soya beans”, which looks at the issue of genetic engineering, asking whether a brave new world of nightmare biotechnology could bring about a “cure” for homosexuality even before a person is born?

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