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Saturday, 25 October 2008

We are right. You are wrong.

Pssst! Wanna be a total twat? A blithering idiot? A brainless nincompoop? An utter, dribbling, drivelling waste of space? Well, we have a video that can teach you how to be that in one easy lesson.

I came across it on the Freethinker blog, where there’s also a nice animated picture of the person in question talking shit. I mean actually talking shit.

The Freethinker post digs into the archives of the online Islamic Voice, and poses the question of why we in the West fall over ourselves to allow an alien religion to come here and build out-of-character places of worship called mosques. The answer – but you’ve probably guessed already – is that this alien religion, Islam, is dead right and everybody else is dead wrong. And that is why its adherents feel they should be able to build mosques here in the West, while those among us who insist on building churches (few readers of this blog, I fancy) are not allowed to do so in, say, Saudi Arabia.

The chap on the video is Dr (yes, believe it or not) Zakir Naik, who actually thinks eating carnivorous animals such as tigers and lions can make you violent, whereas Muslims eat only gentle herbivores and are peace-loving and not violent.

Tee-hee! Snort!

When you’ve seen the video below (it's just under five minutes), you’ll see just why this religion is so right and we in the West (religious or not) have been so wrong. Apart from letting them build mosques, of course. We’re right in that. Bound to be. They say so. They’re right. Always right. Enjoy the film show.

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