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Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Mo the movie – sort of

They’re doing that 1970s film about Mohammed again. Well, it didn’t feature Mohammed: it used light organ music to signify his presence.

It was called The Message (also known as Mohammed, Messenger of God) and two people died in riots in the US because people of a certain religion thought it was going to feature Big Mo himself. Anthony Quinn played the leading role, but it wasn’t Mo: it was a character called Hamza.

Now it’s being redone as – wait for it – The Messenger of Peace (where did the message get skewed along the way, then?), and is due to go into production soon.

It will be “a remake of Moustapha Akkad's The Message, a 1977 Hollywood classic starring Anthony Quinn which is often applauded by Muslims as an example of how commercial Western cinema can respect Islam”, says the WorldWide Religious News website. The Internet Movie Database news story linked to up top says, “Depictions of the prophet are unheard of in Islam because of fears it will lead to idolatry, which is forbidden in the religion.”

Yes, and almost unheard of elsewhere (give or take the odd Danish cartoon) because of fears that Islamic nutcases will be on the rampage again, because they get what they want only through spreading fear and through the PC kowtowing of Western appeasers who can’t see Islamisation creeping up on us.

And I bet it won’t show Mo. Pity: they could show some scenes in slo-Mo.

Oh, dear, sorry about that!


Baal's Bum said...

Perhaps they could get Michael Jackson to play Mo.... He might be interested for the love scenes with a 7 year old

Homer Jordan said...

I bet u r stupid enough not to know that hes dead dumbass