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Friday, 3 October 2008

Now you can get it off Pat

One of our favourite viodographers, Pat Condell, whose site is linked to on our sidebar, has been blocked from YouTube. Guess what his subject was.

You’ve guessed it: Islam.

In informing the world of this Europe News links to the video and to Condell’s website.

YouTube has a thing about Turkey and Pakistan, we’re told. It feels that it just ought to keep its head down, or, as Europe News puts it, it has “decided that it is easier to block ‘problematic’ content” rather than stand up “for freedom and have Pakistani Internet operators wreck [sic] havoc on them”.

The story says that, in his latest video, “Pat Condell sure manages to step on some toes”. But that is “well deserved”, it says, “for what happens is serious and what he has to say is important. Too important to censor, so here is a transcript of the start of the video . . .” It then gives the transcript:

Hi everyone

You may remember that, a couple of weeks ago, it was revealed that sharia courts are now operating here in Britain, with the full backing of the law, even though they discriminate against women as a matter of course.

And what this means is that those women who are intimidated into using these courts, as some of them will be, and everyone knows it, they will now find that they have the full weight of the British legal system lined up against them, alongside the patriarch cal bigotry in their own communities.

Those women who are cheated out of their just entitlements in these places, as some already have been, will find that they have no recourse to the real law to put things right. In other words, we are now accommodating Saudi Arabian legal principles here in Britain.

Other users are posting the vid back onto YouTube using their own accounts. How long it will be allowed to remain is anyone's guess. But we’re proud to bring you the video via this blog. Here it is:


UPDATE: We're glad to report that YouTube reinstated Condell's video, having reviewed its content.

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