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Monday, 27 October 2008

Pink Triangle + G&LH

Pink Triangle is a forum provided by the Pink Triangle Trust for the discussion and interchange of ideas concerning Humanism as it relates to gay and lesbian issues, and how gay and lesbian issues relate to Humanism. But gay and lesbian issues and those concerning Humanism don’t exist in a bubble: they are part of the wider world. Hence, there is scope for broad discussion on these and related ethical issues.

While the blog works as an entity in and of itself, it is also an extension of our sister publication Gay & Lesbian Humanist, which began publishing in 1981 and relaunched last week as an online magazine.

Pink Triangle will continue to be updated daily and G&LH will be published once a month. The blog and the magazine aim to be challenging, informative and entertaining.

As well as regular columnists, one-off articles and special features, each issue of G&LH will include a roundup of the month’s news in its News, World Watch and On the Blog columns.

We hope you’ll find pleasure in reading both publications and consider contributing either by submitting articles or letters for publication in G&LH or by leaving comments here at Pink Triangle.

For more on the blog, see the “Welcome” post from March 2008. For more about the PTT and G&LH, see here.

We’re back!

As we were saying before we were so rudely interrupted . . .

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