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Saturday, 26 September 2009

Catholics welcome Pope, everyone pays

Catholics in Scotland are cock-a-hoop over the fact that an evil old ex-Nazi is visiting the country as part of his UK tour next year.

Well, they would be, wouldn’t they? The thing is, they – and by that I mean they alone – won’t have to pay for his security and other costs associated with such occasions as he’s paraded through the streets and preaches to the masses. They will pay something, yes, but so will every other taxpayer, whether they want to feast their eyes on this bigot or not. And most won’t, of course.

If I want to go and see a rock concert, say, or an opera, I expect to pay, and then to go to the venue, not have the object of my musical taste paraded through the streets for me, with security provided at enormous cost (and why the need for so much security for Ratzo if people don’t want to kill the sodding homophobe?).

So let the Catholics of Scotland – and the rest of the UK – bugger off to Italy. Keep the Pope there. Let the Deluded Herd go to him instead of vice versa. That would kill two birds with one stone: the damnable, evil old tosser wouldn’t be littering our streets with his presence, and only those who get a spiritual hard-on by contemplating his well-fed face will need to pay.
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