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Wednesday, 30 September 2009

When tolerance gets a bad name

I ain’t against gay people. I’m just against it being promoted to kids . . . I know people that’s gay. My wife’s got friends that are gay. I got family that’s gay. Cousins and shit. He cool as fuck. He cool as a motherfucker. He’s my homie. I just mean that on some of these TV shows, they got dudes kissing. And kids are watching that shit.

We can’t have kids growing up with that . . . but let’s keep it behind the scenes. Ain’t nothin’ wrong with it if that’s what two dudes wanna do. Cool. But that’s not bring that out into the world, where the kids can see that. We don’t want all the kids doing that. ‘Cause that ain’t how we was originally put here to do. Like I said, I ain’t got no problem with the gays.

These words of wisdom come from a rap “artist” called Warren G (pictured).

A blogger calling him/herself Black Tsunami over at Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters (featured on our sidebar) has blogged this.

Need I dust off the old argument? No. Didn’t think so. It’s obvious that this “dude” is just a bloody ignorant and homophobic as the Pope. People who like to think of themselves as liberal have for years trotted out the old I-have-nothing-against-gays-but-wouldn’t-want-my-son/daughter-to-turn-out-to-be-one argument.

Black Tsunami goes on:

Well speaking for myself and so many LGBTs of color he has insulted (and many of them lead households that include children), I want to school Mr. G. on a few things.

With all due respect to Warren G, maybe he should stop obsessing over what he thinks is gay sexual behavior and start focusing on heterosexual sexual behavior. Since he has a problem with two men kissing, I would sincerely hope that he has an equal problem with songs and videos that objectify women as sex objects, that teaches black children to be underachievers, and that romanticize the selling of drugs.

Or have I just described the contents of his last albums?

Just to be clear about things – homosexuality is not a “lifestyle.” Putting on a skin tight dress or wearing your pants down past your ass, drinking and hitting on each other in a club, and then having wild sex that leads to illegitimate births is a lifestyle.

Why don’t folks like Warren G. ever criticize that?

You see this is the problem that LGBTs of color face in the black community. This open hypocrisy that we are supposed to say nothing about.

I am so sick and tired of members of black community will screw each other till the cows come home without the courtesy of a wedding ring and then have the absolute nerve to pass judgment on LGBTs of color just because we want a little affection from each other.

I am so sick and tired of black pastors who will say nothing about the depressing rate of black men in prison and black girls with babies but will break each other’s neck to get camera time in order to dehumanize LGBTs of color.

In addition to this excellent argument, Warren G obviously can’t see the flaw in his words: if kids can see heterosexuals kissing and cuddling in TV programmes and on the street, and he has nothing against homosexuality, then why can’t kids be allowed to see two girls or two guys showing similar affection?

Nah. People like this “dude” give tolerance a bad name.

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