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Saturday, 12 September 2009

It was Madonna wot done it

So Madonna is guilty of the deaths of 15 people last Saturday because she had performed the Bulgarian leg of her Sticky and Sweet tour.

Is this the best Christians can come up with? Their loving god kills people because another person, entirely separate from the 15 unfortunates, does a concert said Christians don’t hold with?

Her performance was on 29 August, the day Orthodox Christians mark the day John the Baptist lost his head – literally. (Whenever I think of that I can’t help but hear Herodias say, “Salomé, dear, not in the fridge!”, but I digress.)

Anyway, as we blogged a while back, Christians weren’t too happy that Madge was coming to perform.

Now they’re patting themselves on their backs for showing prescience and are saying that her decision to perform in the country brought bad luck, resulting in a boating accident that killed the 15 people.


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