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Friday, 25 September 2009

So much for Liberty!

Liberty has expelled the Campaign for Homosexual Equality (CHE) as an affiliate organisation. Allan Horsfall, CHE’s Life President – and, together with Ray Gosling, a tireless campaigner for Gay Monitor – explains:

CHE, the Campaign for Homosexual Equality, has been expelled from affiliation to Liberty, the broad human-rights organisation that CHE has been an affiliate of for 40 years.

The reason for the chucking CHE out is that CHE proposed a motion for the Liberty AGM that they should consider some Statute of Limitation (time-wise) in trials of historic sexual abuse. Such limitations are common on the Continent and North America but, in this country, no, no, no.

If you look at Gay Monitor, you will see that we’ve attended many recent trials. Sometimes good men go to prison. But sometimes a judge will say, “Stop it – this is nonsense,” as in the case of David Jones the footballer, now manager of Cardiff City. Sometimes, a jury will quickly acquit – see on Gay Monitor “Case Not Guilty”, where on 12 charges the jury found unanimously not guilty on all charges in 12 minutes flat! But sometimes it doesn’t go like that and good men go to prison. These cases cost a vast amount of public money to stage. Some way needs to be found to limit this as in most states of the USA and many countries of the EU. This was the proposition for debate put by CHE that resulted in Liberty throwing out CHE.

So much for Liberty!

If I was still a member of Liberty, I’d resign in protest. Unfortunately, I allowed my membership to lapse some time ago because I was deeply troubled by the organisation.

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