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Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Abbot talks of "arbitrary" religious beliefs

The North American, "pro-life", Web-based treats its readers to a brief examination of the British media, in the course of discussing the Lillian Ladele case (this link will take you to all our stories on that, including this and any future ones).

Christian fundmantalist Ladele is the Islington registrar who won an employment-tribunal case after she'd refused to handle same-sex weddings. Now, she'll be able to be excused them. But the council, to its credit, is appealing the decision.

The story tells us that the Labour MP Diane Abbott has tabled a Commons motion that would eliminate the so-called freedom-of-religious-conscience rights of public servants who, as it rather pointedly puts it, "oppose the homosexualist political agenda".

I wish someone would tell me where this huge conspiracy is, because all I've been aware of is lesbians and gays wanting the same rights and privileges as anyone else gets. But, of course, if that doesn't fit with the "pro-life" lobby – who clearly do have a political agenda, especially in America – then it's some sort of evil plot to take over the world.

In the course of its story, tours some of the British media, with a short description on each, and concludes that even the most conservative have been rather taken aback by the judgment.

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