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Saturday, 30 August 2008

Did you see . . .?

If you were watching coverage of the Beijing Olympics, did you see . . .?

As already reported by us here, what you definately did not see on NBC was that when Australian Olympic-diving champion Matthew Mitcham (above) won his gold medal, no mention was made of his being gay, nor were shots shown of his kissing and hugging his long-time partner Lachlan Fletcher.

Of course, as also reported by us here, NBC have since apologised, though a little belatedly, but if you were unlucky enough to be watching their coverage and haven't seen the footage, well, thanks to, now you can! have made available online an 8-minute video, which shows Mitcham’s final dive, the celebration afterwards where he hugs practically every other diver, the medal-awards ceremony and him jumping into the stands to give his flowers and a kiss to his partner, Lachlan Fletcher.

Note: Mitcham races into the stands at around 6:20.

Matthew Mitcham Olympic Gold Tribute Video

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