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Friday, 15 August 2008

Meet Baal's Bum

Thought the headline would grab you. Actually Baal's Bum is the pseudonym of an excellent blogger who does his stuff for Anal Iced Bible, which is on our list of favoured blogs. He's written to say we have honourable mention on his blog. Always nice to be recognised.

Anal Iced Bible does what it says: it analyses the Bible. But, as you'll gather from the idiosyncratic styling of that name, you may be pleasantly surprised (or not, if you think the Bible should be held sacred) by what you read there. It's exegesis not as we know it.

Baal's Bum has been a fairly frequent visitor to the comment section of Pink Triangle. And he usually has a good point to make, with some irreverence at times.

Thanks for the hon. mench, BB!

And talking of other blogs, as we were, yours truly has been invited because of his contributions here to write for the Infidel Bloggers Alliance's blog. This is an international weblog with a large team of contributors, and it's been going for a few years. Its aim is watching the more extreme elements of Islam (hence "Infidel" in the name, and, although that just means nonbeliever, it tends to be associated with Islam these days). You can find my first – and so far only – post here, but you'll have read a version of it here in Pink Triangle.

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