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Thursday, 21 August 2008

Catholic priorities

You're a religious organisation and like to help people less fortunate, and know there are many deserving causes in the world. You also have a kinky thing about what people do with their private parts. You have a million dollars to spend. How do you spend the money?

Well, you try to thwart the latter group, that's what.

According to KVEW TV, a Roman Catholic men's group has donated that million bucks to try to influence the November vote in California on changing the constitution to prevent same-sex marriage. Marriage between two males and two females is currently legal, but a vote on the constitution could put the kibosh on it.

"That [donation] makes the Knights of Columbus the biggest financial backer of proposition eight, which would negate the California Supreme Court decision requiring recognition of same-sex marriages," says the story.

This donation comes on top of $250,000 that this "Catholic fraternal organization" of bigots and loonies gave in January to help qualify the measure for the November election.

Robert Villalobos, head of the California chapter of this fraternity of fools, says the Knights of Columbus believe God created men and women to unite in marriage for the procreation of children.

And God also created cretins, it seems, who would rather spend their money on thwarting acts of love than on preventing horrors among those less fortunate. Well, that's Christianity for you. Their version of it, anyway.

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