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Tuesday, 26 August 2008

God-soaked Democrats

We've already seen how the man who could well be the next leader of the so-called free world is keen to flaunt his religious credentials. It comes as little surprise that the entire Democratic National Convention this week will be soaked in the God stuff, too.

According to the website of National Public Radio (NPR), "politics and religion will be mingling" at this week's Denver convention to choose Barak Obama as the Democrats' official choice to run for the presidency in November.

Spurred by a presidential candidate who freely talks about his religious beliefs, Democrats will go to great lengths to display their own religious fervor. Obama's selection of Joe Biden as his running mate probably enhances the theme. Biden made a point of talking about his Irish-Catholic roots in Saturday's joint appearance with Obama.

As a comment on our previous story says, let's hope this is all a bit of show and election propaganda on his part, and he won't let his superstitions affect his policy decisions.

But when your entire party is going "to great lengths" to parade its delusions, what hope has the "free world"?

For the first time, Democrats have planned so-called "faith caucus meetings", which are being led by an array of religious and spiritual leaders, including Christians, Muslims and Jews.

The NPR story continues:

Each evening of the convention will be punctuated by an invocation and a benediction by religious leaders, including a rabbi from Washington, D.C., a Catholic nun from Ohio and a Greek Orthodox archbishop from New York. There will be other faith-based panels, too, geared toward spiritual discussion. One is titled "Faith in 2009: How an Obama Administration will Engage People of Faith".

They've just got to be everywhere, haven't they?


Baal's Bum said...
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Baal's Bum said...

We have to remember it takes time to change and politics,religion and mainstream education are very set in their ways.Knowledge for the common people is a fairly recent phenomena. Much of the world especially America seems to be having a knee jerk response to it. We know the arguments of theists are insubstantial we really just have to be patient. It is, at the moment, doubtful anyone who is openly "without faith" would get elected to much of a position in American politics. Is this not the first time a black man has got to Obama's position ?
We also have to think of the Muslim position...The Islamic world favours christians slightly more than unbelievers.
Politics has and always will use smoke and misdirection to achieve certain goals.