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Saturday, 2 August 2008

Pride in spite of prejudice (from that bloody woman)

They're asking people to turn out in their droves for Belfast Gay Pride today, which will fly in the face of recent homophobic remarks from bitter, twisted Iris Robinson, the bigot who is not only an MP and and Assembly Member but also chairs Northern Ireland's Assembly Health Committee.

We've carried several stories over the past few weeks about that bloody woman, as we can't resist calling her, which will provide the background. Briefly, she thinks homosexuality is an abomination, she's said the only thing worse that a homosexual is a child abuser and that homosexuals need psychiatric help.

But Pride will parade proudly today, in spite of this appalling prat. And, indeed, people are being urged to turn out in force for the parade.

The Irish Times says:

Her stance has sparked a wider debate in Northern Ireland with gay rights campaigners and religious adherents exchanging firmly held views in a variety of media outlets.

That dialogue is set to be played out again at today’s event with a sizeable group of protesters expected to gather outside Belfast City Hall as the colourful parade passes by.

Political opponents of Mrs Robinson have also staged a number of demonstrations in the week leading up to the pride event.

Gerry Lynch of the Alliance Party has called on people to make the event the biggest yet seen in Northern Ireland.

“I would encourage everyone to come along to the Pride march, whether they’re gay or straight, young or old, alone or with their families,” he said.

Meanwhile, one of Northern Ireland’s main newspapers carried a full-page ad yesterday from a Free Presbyterian church entitled the “Word of God Against Sodomy” stating that homosexuality is an offence in the eye of Bible believers.

Well Bible believers can go to hell. If there were one, they probably would.

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