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Wednesday, 26 August 2009

How to make a Christian cross

They don’t want Madonna in Bulgaria. Well, a certain faction of deluded nutcases are against her, anyway.

The 51-year-old superstar is due to do a concert in Sofia this weekend, but the Catholic Church is accusing her of showing disrespect to Christianity and has urged Bulgarians to stay away from the show, says Christian Today.

“We express our Christian support and approval for the art of singing, which influences the moral development of people and promotes universal moral values,” the church is quoted as saying in a statement.

“In some of her choreography and stage scenarios, this singer sends impressive messages which, however, run contrary to Christian morality,” the statement said.

The church also accused Madonna of displaying “a disrespectful and intolerant attitude” to the feelings of Christians during her ongoing Sticky and Sweet tour.

Christian Today continues:

It also deplores the fact that August 29 is a day of lent for Orthodox Christians marking the beheading of John the Baptist, the biblical preacher who baptised Jesus Christ and an important figure in the Orthodox faith.

Madonna will arrive in Sofia after a concert on Wednesday in neighbouring Romania.

According to the 2001 census of Bulgaria, Christians constitute 83 per cent of the country’s nearly eight million people and the Orthodox Church continues to play an important role in the day to day life of many Bulgarians.

Madonna has faced strong criticism on previous tours when she crucified herself on a mirrored cross during her concerts. The pop diva wore a crown of thorns and sang while hanging from a cross on her “Confessions” world tour in 2006.

So has Madge got to rearrange her tour to suit the sensibilities of religious folk? And does not belief belong to us all? It’s a point we’ve made before. It’s amazing how people can claim history for themselves to celebrate as they wish. If someone comes along with some of the images from that allegedly historical period in history, they jump up and down and rend their garments and indulge in much wailing and gnashing of teeth.

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