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Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Behind closed doors

So now we know (well, we probably knew, anyway) just where the British National Party stand on being gay. It's OK behind closed doors. They have nothing against it, you understand.

In an interview with the BBC in the lead-up to the London mayoral elections, the BNP's candidate, Richard Barnbrook, speaks of immigration, racism and sexuality. On immigration, he emphasises that the the party is not against immigrants themselves, but against the establishment. He says that "our own governing powers" fear they'll be called racist if they stand up to immigration. In today's climate, that may well be true.

And so to racism. "We're not racist at all," he maintains. "We do not perceive one person's religion, identity, culture or way of life as being better or worse than our own, we are simply different." (My emphasis.)

But now we move to sexuality, and find some inconsistency in Barnbrook's views, regurgitated in Pink News. If "way of life" is included in the above, why does he then say, "You can be gay behind closed doors, you can be heterosexual behind closed doors, but you don't bring it onto the streets, demanding more rights for it"?

By "it" one can only conclude that he means homosexuality only, and not heterosexuality, too, since one assumes he and male friends are to be seen coming "onto the streets" with their female companions, publicising mixed-sex marriages by having banns read in church, putting notices in papers, marrying in public. And Mr Barnbrook would not mind too much if I kissed a woman in the street, but would object if I kissed a man. (And I don't mean a lip-locking, face-sucking, squelchy spectacular here, since that could be seen as offensive irrespective of who's doing it. No, just a show of affection.)

So can we assume, then, that "it" refers to homosexuality, not heterosexuality? The Pink News story doesn't tell us.

Find out more about the BNP's attitude towards homosexuality at this page of its website (scroll down to Question ii). It may not be as bad as many believe, but it's pretty shocking stuff. There's a huge gay vote in London. I can't see that Mr Barnbrook will get many pink crosses, somehow.

(Candidates contesting the Mayor of London election are: Ken Livingstone (Labour), Boris Johnson (Conservative), Brian Paddick (Lib Dem), Sian Berry (Green), Alan Craig (Christian People's Alliance), Matt O'Connor (English Democrats), Richard Barnbrook (BNP), Lindsey German (Left List), Gerard Batten (UKIP), Winston McKenzie (Independent).)


The Green Arrow said...

I am a member of the BNP and I can assure you that the vast majority of the BNP membership have no problems with homosexuals.

Where I do have a problem is promoting it in schools to young children and teenagers who are unsure of their sexuality and I know for a fact from some homosexuals I have spoken to and class as friends that neither to they agree with this approach.

To be honest, homosexuality is not the problem that some people make it out to be.

What is wrong with people just minding and keeping their own business private?

Michael Martin said...

How is homosexuality "promoted" in schools? have you sat in on lessons yourself and checked. I may have gone to a Christian secondary school myself, but the headmaster had his head screwed on and the attitude to homosexuality was indifference. I should suspect 90% of teenagers are initially 'unsure' of thier sexuality (and the other 10% are lying). There should be no 'promotion' of anything. Neither should religion be allowed to stick it's nose in but that's besides the point.

Transparency*: I am not a PC liberal, but 'leaning towards' traditional Fascism. Many other traditional fascists seem to feel the same way on homosexuality, that it "should not be promoted" and "kept out of the public eye£, but i attempt to reason with them in an open forum.

And of course we all know what the BNP want to do with "those of colour" in Britain. They claim to be patriotic but would deport thousands upon thousands of people, a lot of whom are not the "terrorists in waiting" or "benefit scroungers" they are depicted as, but normal working people. And then to complete the insult this so-called respectable party would send thousands of pounds after each one of them! it's worse than the EU!

Of course, Multiculturalism is a menace, even the BBC have described it as such now, but culture need not be linked with race. Britain has down the ages adopted small amounts of immigrant culture and the immigrants in turn have adapted to british culture. There will be the hardcore minority who refuse to, or who insist on seeing themselves as "different". But to judge entire groups of people on the actions of a few is, well not to over-use the word, racism.

*-there's something you won't see from the main parties!