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Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Equality the Christian way: the pink ceiling

OK, the headline above isn't quite true, but is a bit of journalistic licence to reflect the one on the story below about women bishops. Anyway, it's almost true, in that there were many who wanted to put a ceiling between Bishop Gene Robinson and his ambition for promotion within the Episcopal Church.

Once again, I'm in danger of pissing off those who don't give a hoot about the Anglican Communion and its squabbles (see also "Filthy pervert to darken doors of fine, upstanding, faultless gathering"), but indulge me: it all makes for a lively soap opera if nothing else.

Bishop Gene, the 61-year-old Bishop of New Hampshire, is set to enliven things a bit at the ten-yearly Lambeth shindig in July. For Bishop Gene is not only gay, but, horror of Satanic horrors, has a stable, loving partnership, which, quite rightly, he makes no secret of. He was left off the invitations list by the Archbishop of Cant, Rowan Williams, but will still be there – just not in an official capacity as an invited bishop.

Today's UK Daily Telegraph carries an interview with Robinson, in which he says that people have raised this issue above the central issues Jesus was supposed to have spoken of, and doing that is a form of idolatry. No point in pasting the entire thing here, so I'll quote the paragraph I found the most interesting, and I think most gay people will recognise the sentiments.

Robinson says he puts up with all the probing and questions his sexuality provokes because he grew up at a time when there were no role models, and then says,

"To be gay and lesbian was to be a failure. The good gay people killed themselves. And the others were drug addicts and bums. There was no possibility for a life of integrity or respect. So I feel called to be as open as I can be about my life so that young lesbians and gay men will understand that they can have wonderful relationships, be mothers and fathers and make a real distinction for themselves in their careers. I owe it to those who come after me."

Amen to that.

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