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Thursday, 17 April 2008

What is a "Muslim area" – in Blighty, that is?

The man who told the former Home Secretary John Reid that he should't come to a "Muslim area" when Reid was addressing a gathering of about thirty Muslims in 2006, asking them to look out signs of brainwashing in their children, has today been found guilty of terrorist fundraising and inciting terrorism overseas.

Abu Izzadeen is a convert to Islam (he was born Trevor Brooks in Hackney, London). He was found guilty by a jury at Kingston-upon-Thames Crown Court after a trial lasting more than three months.

Five other men stood trial with him and were also convicted of terror offences. "Abu Izzadeen was not tried over his disruption of Mr Reid’s meeting," says the Times story linked to above, "but because of the nflammatory content of a speech he made at Regent’s Park Mosque in 2004."

When he infamaously heckled a British home secretary on British soil in 2006, he said, "How dare you come to a Muslim area when over a thousand Muslims have been arrested? You are an enemy of Islam and Muslims, you are a tyrant. Shame on all of us for sitting down and listening to him."

You can see the Reid incident by clicking below (it's quite noisy):

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