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Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Stonewall will ask about religion

We've had an update from the gay lobby group Stonewall after we asked yesterday why religion wasn't mentioned in a survey they commissioned from YouGov (see original story below or here). Yes, Stonewall will tackle religious homophobia, we're glad to report.

I emailed Stonewall for a comment after our story and have now received this from their communications director, Vicky Powell:

We’re actually working on a survey around religion and gay people’s experiences of discrimination at the moment. This will be released later in the year.

We're obviously glad to hear it, and will look out for the report.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I have long thought that Stonewall was soft on religious homophobia and I
think I have said so in G&LH. They were only too ready to have a go at the
Christian Institute and the late Baroness Young, but have been wary of
speaking out against the mainstream variety e.g. the C of E and the Vatican.
However my impression was that this had changed somewhat when they spoke out
not so long ago against the Bishop of Hereford's stance on the gay employee.

Incidentally Vicky Powell was once editor of Gay Times.

George Broadhead