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Friday, 18 April 2008

Ratzo's apology for an apology

Pope Ratzinger just can't bring himself to apologise – really, truly, properly apologise – for all the heartbreak caused because his priests couldn't keep their peckers in their pants.

A commentator called Lee Russ has a comprehensive analysis of on it here in Watching the Watchers:

He's admitted his "shame" for the perpetrators of the abuse. He's acknowledged that the scandal was, in some instances, "badly handled." But he just can't seem to publicly acknowledge the role that Church as a whole, and this Pope in particular, played in the concealment and continuation of that widespread sexual abuse.

Ratzo is doing the States at the moment, where he's already met with a few protests from gay campaigners who seem to have given the poor chap a hard time. Oh, the unfairness of it. What has he done to deserve this?

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