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Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Now you see it, now you don't – now you do again

Geert Wilders's unsubtle and predictable, but some would say necessary, film Fitna is back on LiveLeak. It was taken down (as you may remember from this story) after representatives of the "religion of peace" threatened to do violence to LiveLeak staff.

But now they've reinstated it, and you can see it here.

Depending on where you read the news and which link you click on, you could find a message on the LiveLeak website saying, "This media item has been removed by the uploader! [. . .] will upload edited version shortly . . ."

It's not clear without a frame-by-frame comparison whether the new link above is the edited version or not.

Anyway, in the event of difficulties, you can still see the vid on YouTube or by going to our earlier story, where you can watch it without leaving this blog.

Hat tip Lawhawk, MediaWatchWatch

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