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Thursday, 24 April 2008

Lest we forget

To help publicise what was once the world's most dynamic gay-rights organisation, Pagan Press has published an article about the Gay Activists Alliance (GAA). This is one of two new articles added to the history of Gay Liberation, which is being put together by independent scholar and freethinker John Lauritsen (see also his Philosopedia entry here).

Lauritsen's articles cover a number of significant periods in the history of gay rights, including one on a pro-homosexual-rights speech given in 1898.

Lauritsen's second new article is about the Gay Liberation Front (GLF), which was formed in New York City in 1969 shortly after the Stonewall Uprising. A very good account of the uprising can be found in Stonewall: the Riots that Sparked the Gay Revolution by David Carter – a review of which can be read here. In the review, Warren Allen Smith commented that Stonewall was "sure to join Vern L. Bullough's Before Stonewall as being among the most important books in the gay canon".

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Anonymous said...

Though not himself gay, Vern Bullough was one of the most prominent figures in the US Humanist movement to give his staunch support to gay and lesbian rights. See: