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Tuesday, 8 April 2008

This film has gone away

"This film won't go away," we said in an earlier post today. Well, it has gone away in Indonesia, at least, where we reported last week that the country would block access if the film was not removed from YouTube. It hasn't been removed from YouTube, therefore it has been blocked.

That's it, then. If you can't argue with something, ban it. Simple, really.

Hat tip to MediaWatchWatch.


Muslim Arab said...

[reply to andy's comment on my blog:]

the number of evidences of the existence of God are as many as the number of creations...

is there a doubt in God at all?!
how could be there a doubt in God at all?!

who created all creations?
who set all to function?
who organized all?
who guided all?

if a single hut can't be built by itself... how can an entire universe be built in this perfect manner?

tell me, friend... how can You come to existence without His planning, or His provision, or His control?

why all people, in all languages and all cultures, mention God when they see something beautiful?

why all people, in all cultures and nations, look up and pray when they are alone and in a bad situation?

one who doubts the existence of God is indeed absent minded.

and - regarding your other question - if Quran was written by man, then how come it tells about the Falling Star? (seen only in Hubble telescope, 28,000 light years away)
how come it tells about the exact steps of creation of fetus?
how come it tells the speed of light?

how come it opens to the door to ANYone to try to find one single error in it, whether factual or scientific or historical...
how come no one can write one verse as perfect as it?

all those questions are answered with a simple answer, you know it, everyone knows it... it's integrated in the hearts of each one of us.

it is because there is no god but one God.

But as you said, if you can't argue with that. Ban it.
Simple. Really.

Anonymous said...

Where does the qu'ran state the speed of light? is it specific or 'oblique' like those biblical preditions of disasters that people 'notice' after the event. What "falling star" is described? there have been a lot of "falling stars" through the ages. Islamic science once led the world, it stands to reason the process of birth would have been studied. How is the universe perfect? why do people get ill? why are people born with genetic defects which result in a life of pain and misery? why could an undetected meteorite blast the earth and all upon it, good or evil, to atoms with no force able to prevent it? is that a perfect universe? If the universe was created by a god, why does it have to be Allah?

Muslim Arab said...

You seem a very nice fellow, my friend.

first of all,

Allah is the one God of the heavens and earth and everything amongst them.

Allah is an Arabic word, literally means The God, it cannot be put to plural, (unlike the word god)...
Arab Jews, Christians and Muslims use the word Allah in their prayer to God.
Muslims emphasize on the word Allah and use it even in other languages just because of the fact that it cannot be put to plural which emphasizes the Islamic belief of Oneness of God, i.e. monotheism.

If you get sick, you can't argue that doctors don't exist, because:
1) you are sick and need to be treated.
2) the doctor is not to blame if you didn't follow his instructions right.

And God has the highest example to that.

People get ill because they ran out of health; if they ate healthy, slept healthy and lived healthy, they would not have fell ill. the prophet mohammed - may peace and blessings be upon him - said "stomach is the origin of all diseases, and good diet is the origin of all vaccines."

Similarly, there is nothing really to be called evil; instead, there is lack of good action.
God has created all good things, and guided mankind - through instinct, prophets, messengers, scriptures - to all good. Those who do not follow God's guidance, they indeed fall in bad deeds...

and, about the miracles of the Quran...

in Quran it says, angels move in a speed equal to moving distance crossed by the moon in one thousand lunar year - that is 12000 lunar circulation [one everymonth] - and all crossed in one day.
find orbit of moon, multiply by 12000, and divide by 24 hours, the result gets:299792.4579 km/s
(exactly the same number, up to three decimal digits, of the speed of light.)

to read about this in details [only recommended if you have good knowledge of astrophysics and math]

Another one of the miracles, is when Allah mentions the pink rose in the high skies [something seen only by Hubble's telescope on a distance above 15000 light years from earth]
there's the picture:
Could an illiterate man like Mohammed figure this out by himself? or was the Quran given to him through the Lord of the heavens and earth? knower of all, seer and hearer of all?!

Roy Saich said...

We can all be seduced by words. Deceived by them. Distracted by them. Driven to violence by them. At best they are tools. At worst they are weapons.

Philosophies consist of little else, except philosophies like Humanism which are based, not on words only, but the acknowlgement of the real existence of 'atoms' and void.

Religions consist of entirely of words. They insist of gods, devils, angels and miracles. None of which actually exist. Islam is no different in this respect than other religions.

Different languages can be written down in different ways. So religious books, especially the Torah can be translated and interpeted in diffent ways. So when Muslim Arab gives signifance to the word Allah as proving that there is only one god he or she is falling for a trick of language. The Koran refers to other gods so the notion that they exist was present when it was first written down.

No god can exist in reality as anyone will find if they attempt a general definition of one.

If Allah said that the "stomach is the origin of all diseases" that proves that he was ignorant of germs and viruses. An ignorant god?

If Allah "has created all good things" who created the bad things?

Why can't angels more faster than the speed of light? Allah can, if he can do anything and there are many pink lights in the sky. Why pick on the source of just one?

We must not be seduced by words must look to see if there is any reality behind them.