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Wednesday, 11 June 2008

And on the seventh day God created pillocks

Germans, it seems, have got more sense – even the religious ones. They don't want any of that Genesis rubbish in their backyard, thank you very much.

A Swiss firm wants to construct a "Genesis Land" with a "life-size" Noah's Ark (or "Noah's arch", according to this story at near Heidelberg, because the area has a lot of water. Well, you would need quite a lot to float a boat that has two of every species on the globe, wouldn't you? Yet these nutters believe it once happened.

Anyway, the firm is called Genesis Land Inc., and it's looking for investors to the tune of about €25 million – a third of the dosh needed for a 50-hectare park.

The story tells us:

But religious and political representatives from the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg are less than enthusiastic about a facility inspired by the belief that the earth is around 6,000 years old, and that human beings and dinosaurs co-existed.

"A project like this only gets in the way of our attempts to spread the faith," Hansjörg Hemminger, the Wuerttemberg Protestant Church's Spokesman on World Views told the newspaper Die Welt.

Civic planners, too, are against Genesis Land.

Well, in a free world one can't object to the thing itself, any more than one might to Disneyland, as long as it doesn't try to tell people that all it depicts is or was true. But it will try to do that, because that's what these nutters are all about – as well as making big bucks, of course.

Here at Pink Triangle we've often wondered what God did on that seventh day when he was supposed to be resting. Did he just sleep, read Harry Potter, get pissed or play with his Plasticine and create pillocks. Yes, that sounds about right. And lo, the pillocks did go forth and did create religion.

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