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Friday, 20 June 2008

Religion trumps education in Wales

Religion has won out over children's education once again. It's in Wales this time, where an Assembly committee has voted to give free transport to religious sectarian schools but deny it to kids who want to go to a Welsh-language schools (this is where lessons are taught through the medium of the Welsh language rather than English).

Given that so much lip service is paid to the language in the principality, it seems surprising that Assembly Members (AMs) should kick it in the teeth, and allow religion to trump it. A story on the WalesOnline website tells us:

A cross-party body voted to close a loophole denying those attending faith schools access to free transport, but refused to back similar proposals to strengthen the right to free travel to Welsh-medium schools.

The faith school vote in a cross-party committee was won with the backing of Labour AM Ann Jones, who said it put her in the “dreadful” position of having to choose between her conscience and party policy.

Her decision was applauded by Archbishop of Wales Barry Morgan.

Well, it would be, wouldn't it?

A final vote is expected in the Assembly in autumn.

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