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Thursday, 5 June 2008

Reason and Catholicism

People who can't give reasons for their Catholicism fall foul of other religions that might lure them away, according to some chap who's supposed to be well known.

"Father Jorge Loring, the famous Spanish Jesuit apologist, said this week Catholics who are not able to give a reason for their faith fall easy prey to religious sects such as the Jehovah’s Witnesses," says the Catholic News Agency.

Talk about the pot that called the kettle black! Jesus bloody Christ! What are these people on, for goodness' sake?

"Therefore," he continues, "it is very important to have roots in the faith, to have a strong faith that stands up to the winds of the anti-Catholics."

Many Catholics are so only in name, he says. Good job, really, or, with each one of them obeying to the letter the rules on birth control, there would probably be twice as many of them taking up valuable resources on our overcrowded planet.

I doubt this "famous" Jesuit apologist is famous for precision in his words, when he says, "Moral relativism is the ideological cancer of our times", as "people are fooled by the media because everything goes”.

Er, can you be a bit more precise? Which people are fooled by which media? Where is your evidence that all moral relativism is an ideological cancer? Only someone whose faith allows him to believe in the unbelievable would say that with such conviction. And, while you're at it, define your terms: what is "moral" in your book?

It's OK, Father. Don't answer that. I think we know what Catholic morals are. We've seen them in action, as people are told condoms will let HIV through the microscopic holes; as people are told to multiply exponentially, and bugger the planet; as gay people are made to believe they're evil. Catholic morals? Is that not a contradiction in terms, Father?

"On TV," he says "we see debates where some say one thing and others say another."

Get away! You don't say!

"Who has the truth? The truth is not clear, each person has their truth, but not everything is true."

Really? Well I never! Come on, Father, hit me with some more of this coruscating insight.

"There are some things that are true and others that are false."

Fuck me, Father, you're a born philosopher! I'd never have thought of that.


Johnny said...

This is an interesting view, but a pretty polemical and one-sided presentation of the issues. I could point to modern Catholic thinkers such as James Alison and Sebastian Moore who are creating new spaces for thought within the Church; or refer to the progressive recent writings of Cardinal Martini, or show you the activities of Catholic organisations such as Quest or the Catholic Caucus of the LGCM or Positive Catholics: all of which put LGBT rights at the core of Catholic thought and social justice. The Catholic community is just that: diverse, creative and abounding in difference. To present it otherwise is alas, as bigoted as the religious fundamentailsm you seek to critique.

Roy Saich said...

The Roman Catholic Church has millions of members so as Johnny said there are many views.

The whole point though is that it is always the official view which carries the weight. If Catholics don't follow the Pope's rules they become Anglicans in all but name.

Such bodies as the Vatican destroy individual judgment and responsibility especialy on matters of person behaviour.