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Monday, 2 June 2008

Don't mention the C-word!, Part II

This Scientology fiasco is getting worse. Before we know it, the word cult will be banned nationwide.

The anti-C-word fever has spread to Birmingham in the West Midlands now, it seems, after what happened in Glasgow and London.

Four demonstrators have been given £50 fixed penalties for leafleting, according to the first link above, under the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act. The poster on that forum seems to think freedom of expression is protected, in that the Act was aimed at commercial flyers and the like.

That's as may be, but, if the authorities and the police want to find some way of protecting religious and big-business interests (these are conflated in the case of the DANGEROUS CULT of Scientology, of course), they'll do it.

This one, for instance, is too much of a coincidence. Would they confiscate the leaflets if they were pleading the cause of the local mosque or parish church? Doubt it. Go figure. There's something afoot, and it stinks.

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