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Monday, 30 June 2008

Poor Stephen Green, Part II

Nearly bankrupt Stephen "Birdshit" Green of Christian Voice is a born-again optimist.

You'll remember from our previous post on this homophobic bigot that he's really in the shit financially after he lost his case against the BBC for its truly sinful televising of Jerry Springer: The Opera (about time they showed it again, I reckon – it was a rattling good show). He wanted the BBC to waive his huge court costs, saying he was heading for bankruptcy.

Well, now he's launched an online petition to get them to waive their costs. The petition begins:

We the undersigned call upon Mark Thompson of the BBC and Jonathan Thoday of Avalon to waive the £90,000 costs awarded to them against Stephen Green in the Jerry Springer the Opera case.

We note that Mark Thompson's salary is more than £750,000 pa and that Jon Thoday's wealth was estimated at £12 million in 2001.

Yes, and it's very galling when you look at it like that, but there's a principle at work. Anyway, does Green want to take this out of licence payers' money because he embarked on an adventure that left him with with a bloody nose?

You can see the petition here, and click here for the comments people have left, some of which are rather robust.

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