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Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Bangle wrangle

That question of what one should be allowed to wear in school is being tested again. This time it's the Sikh girl from Cwmbach near Aberdare, Wales, who wants to wear a bangle at school.

It's a simple piece of adornment, and you might ask, What's the problem?

Well, if school policy were to permit all jewellery, not just ear studs and watches, there shouldn't be one, and this girl should be allowed to wear her kara. That is what religious freedom is about: fairness and equality (subject to the usual rules of social order).

But the school does have a studs-and-watches-only policy, so the girl is clearly seeking an exception to school rules only on the grounds of her superstition. And that's not on.

The case is being heard in the High Court, and it continues.

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