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Friday, 6 June 2008

The intolerance of tolerance

He was doing his thing for tolerance, but the mob from the "religion of peace" decided he deserved a beating.

So this gang of ten Muslims dragged model Mike Du Pree from the Amsterdam catwalk – on which he was taking part in a fashion show to promote tolerance towards gay people – and set about him.

A Dutch MP now wants the Islamic yobs to be deported.

The UK's online Pink News says the incident was reported in Gay Krant, and "Fashion show organiser Jennifer Delano told the paper that the atmosphere at the event was tense, and that the violence shows Amsterdam is no longer a tolerant city."

Perhaps it would be a damned sight more tolerant towards gays if it weren't for Muslims. They are not the only gay haters in Holland or elsehwere, but they are the chief ones, as we see in this article, which says:

There are almost a million Muslims living in the Netherlands, many of whom are immigrants from Morocco and Turkey. Amid a culture clash with the predominantly Christian ethnic Dutch, immigrant Muslims have been reported to view homosexuality with disdain.

The Pink News story says MPs have raised the incident in Parliament.

"This shows how strong the Islamic gay bashers feel they are," said Party of Freedom MP Martin Bosma. "Even at daylight, on Queen’s Day, in the heart of Amsterdam, they strike. Only the hardest measures could turn this sick trend.

"The Dutch nationality of the gay bashers of Rembrandt Square should immediately be taken from them and they should be expelled from the country today.

"The Netherlands can show no mercy for these people who damage our society in this way. Either they will win, or we will win."

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rmacapobre said...

this is truly dreadful. these immigrants with their superstitions that goes against the law of the land. they should answer to the law. deportation yes. i wont be surprise to see if one day they take over the government as they have done in many other countries ...