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Sunday, 1 March 2009

Brian is back!

The classic Monty Python film The Life of Brian has not, believe it or not, been seen in a Welsh town since it was banned 30 years ago. The usual nonsense: God and all that, Jesus, religion (cuddly religion), bigotry, other stuff.

Anyway, that ban in Aberystwyth has now been lifted – well, for a special showing, at least – and two of the film’s stars, Terry Jones and globetrotting Michael Palin, are going to this charity screening on 28 March.

A special guest will be the mayor of the Mid Wales town, Sue Jones-Davies, who also starred in the 1979 film, playing Brian’s girlfriend, Judith Iscariot.

Jones-Davies said last July that she couldn’t believe there was still a ban in place.

However, according to the BBC, some residents in the seaside town are still against a showing of the film. We blogged on one such bigot last July and, yes, he was a religionist, a rector, no less, and (you’ve guessed it) he hadn't seen the film.

Well, that’s narrow religion for you. Half of those who objected in 1979 probably hadn’t seen it. That’s usually the case (just as it is with the prat David Miliband, Britain’s Foreign Secretary, who was all in favour of keeping Geert Wilders out of the UK, but hadn’t seen the film he was coming here to show! – but Miliband is, after all, a politician and perhaps we have to make allowances).

Well, I’m glad to report that proceeds of the showing of Brian later this month will go to charities nominated by Jones-Davies and Terry Jones.

“Ms Jones-Davies’s chosen charity is Calon Ceredigion Nurse Appeal, which is part of British Heart Foundation Cymru,” says the Beeb report. “Terry Jones has chosen Truthout, a news agency dedicated to establishing a ‘powerful, stable voice’ for independent journalism.”

The BBC article adds, “It is understood a committee made up of church leaders in Aberystwyth recommended a ban in 1979.”

No surprises there, then.

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