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Tuesday, 3 March 2009

No sex, please – we’re Muslim

Surprise, surprise! Moaning Muslims don’t believe a British broadcaster should be allowed to broadcast, in Britain, a programme about gay people.

Oh, I should have said gay Muslims.

They don’t believe there should be any gay Muslims, you see, and that such people should not be parading in front of cameras but should be confessing their sins to Allah.

Yeah, right. Why any gay person worth his or her salt should wish to have any truck with this vile religion is beyond me. But it’s up to them.

Pink News tells us that Channel 4 execs are “bracing themselves for a backlash”.

A Jihad for Love will be aired tonight on More 4 and shows gay Muslims kissing, holding hands and discussing getting married,” says Pink News.

“Its director, Parvez Sharma, said: ‘I have had death threats on my blog after making this film. Some countries have even banned it. I’ve been called an apostate because Muslims think I have insulted Islam but I think it will open up a debate.’ ”

So-called Islamic “leaders” in the UK have called the documentary offensive, adding it will anger Muslims. Well, there’s little that doesn’t anger Muslims when it comes to what people do with their bits and pieces – or, indeed, when it comes to what they eat, what they drink, what they touch, what they wear, what they watch, what they read, what they say.

An imam from Europe’s largest mosque, the Baitul Futuh in Surrey, condemned the film, saying (as quoted in the Daily Star), “These people should not be confessing their sins to the television cameras. They should be doing it in private to God and seeking forgiveness.”

A Channel 4 spokeswoman said, “This is a sensitively made documentary that has played to critical acclaim at film festivals internationally and is a legitimate area for a documentary filmmaker to explore.”

You can see it at 10 p.m.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, it's like all of those gay fundagelicals. I don't know why you'd want to stay a member of a group that says you're bad or wrong... I mean, I wouldn't stay, but of course, I'm an atheist/humanist... :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, Sunnyskeptic, I too wrestled with this conundrum for a long time, but, having engaged religious gays worldwide on the question, and given it much thought, I believe I have seen the Light at last. It goes something like this:-

Recent scientific research indicates that there is an innate, genetic drive in most members of society - including gays - towards believing in causes/gods, even if they are not knowable directly. That those causes/gods have expressed themselves anti-gay is seen by believing gays as nothing other than a mistake/aberration on the part of their causes/gods.

Then, such gays, with their drive towards belief, feel they can change that aberration on the part of their causes/gods by staying in the church/synagogue/shrine/mosque and influencing it towards this aim.