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Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Seize him!

One of Britain’s appalling red-top rags – but an influential red-top rag – is calling for the nutcase Anjem Choudary to be arrested.

The Sun carries an appallingly punctuated profile of this self-styled sharia judge and former lawyer – who, apparently, used to break all the Islamic rules by boozing and drug taking when he was a student – and wonders just how long it will be before he’s carted off.

We reported recently on how Choudary had wanted to see “the flag of Allah flying over Downing Street”, women, whether Muslim or not, wearing body bags, floggings, stonings in the streets – all the sorts of things he could find in abundance if he buggered off to Saudi Arabia or some other benighted Islamic theocracy.

So get lost, filth. Decent people don’t want you here. (Oh, dear! Is that sounding a bit like the Sun?)

See also this post on Pink Triangle.

Meanwhile, have a look at this YouTube video, which I spotted on the other blog I write for, Infidel Bloggers' Alliance.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The UK and Europe in general have a big problem on their hands. They allowed immigrant labor to come in, while at the same time allowing such a perverted version of Islam to flourish.

That does not play here in the U.S. as even those perceived as Muslim or Arab found out after 09/11/2001.

Our big problem here is the wingnut Christian groups.