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Saturday, 28 March 2009

We're one

Pink Triangle is one year old today. We’re wishing ourselves Happy Birthday.

It doesn’t seem a year ago that we posted that first “Welcome to the blog” article – but it was 28 March 2008.

Since then we’ve posted 607 pieces, including this one, dealing with a variety of issues within the broad areas of humanism, freethought, religion as it affects gays (and much else!), straight gay matters (if you see what I mean!), the lunacy of some religionists, the Islamic threat to Western freedom of expression and quite a bit more.

If you’ve enjoyed what you’ve read so far (and there are a regular bunch of people who leave comments, so we must be doing something right), pass the word around. The more people we get reading and commenting, the better.

And it would be good if some of those people were in what we might term the opposition camp, too, because reasoned debate is a good thing, and we know that, while it’s fun to talk to and write for like-minded people, there’s a danger of preaching only to the converted.

It would be good if we could make this the humanist/freethought/etc. blog in the blogosphere.

I’ve enjoyed writing some pretty outspoken pieces over the past 12 months, and I’m sure my fellow bloggers have enjoyed it, too.

During this year, the charitable trust whose name we blog under – the Pink Triangle Trust – also relaunched Gay & Lesbian Humanist magazine as an online venture and as a sister project to this blog. It’s in the sidebar, and a new issue is due out very soon.

So we’re lighting a candle on the birthday cake here at Pink Triangle global headquarters, and singing “Happy Birthday”! We might even stretch the celebrations to a bottle of champagne. Pink, of course!


Anonymous said...

Wishing "Pink Triangle" many happy returns on the occasion of your first birthday. Keep up the good work fighting the good fight.

Stuart Hartill said...

Is it a year already?
Time flies when you're having fun, doesn't it?
Seriously though, this blog is one of a few to make me feel there's still life beyond what I call 'secular methodism', and the blogs and views I found from exploring the sidebar continue to do so.
Right - I just happen to have a bottle of shampoo left over from a previous celebration and desperately needed an excuse to open it.
Cheers! Slainte! Happy Returns!!

Baal's Bum said...

Happy Birthday