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Saturday, 21 March 2009

Get off the fence, Gordy, and give Ratzo what for

I’m glad to see that Pope Ratzinger* continues to get flak over his fatuous comments about condoms.

But now it’s Gordon Brown’s turn to tell us where he stands on the issue.

You see, Brown recently reiterated an invitation for the evil former Nazi to come here to the UK (no doubt at enormous expense).

Then we learned that he would be coming.

Now, the ever-helpful think tank Ekklesia tells us that the British government is “being challenged on its position”.

It says:

Health campaigners have been surprised at the silence from 10 Downing Street over the affair. Gordon Brown is keen for the Pope to visit the UK in the near future. As he has visited the Vatican recently, it is thought the Prime Minister is reticent about upsetting the Holy See.

But the British Humanist Association says that the government should come off the fence.

The Association says the Pope’s recent comments may actually increase the problem of the transmission of AIDS.

Some governments have already condemned Ratzo’s remarks. Now, says the BHA, it’s time for Britain – and that means Gordon Brown – to speak up.

But Brown has been brown-nosing; Brown is keen not to upset the old sod.

OK, Gordy. What’ve you got to say for yourself?

Well? Hmm?
* One of my correspondents in the comments section, Truthspew (take a look at the lively blog) suggests that Ratzo is a pedestrian name for . . . well, for Ratzo. Benny the Rat would be better, he/she believes. Nice one, but I go for Ratzo because I always have done (so it’s a consistency thing and I have OCD over consistency) and because I just hate (it may be irrational) bowing to this thing about dyeing your name just because you put on a clean white cassock after a bunch of fogeys have generated some white smoke. That’s why I’ve mostly avoided the Benedict moniker (and, by implication, its diminutive Benny). Always good to hear from you, Truthspew. Keep commenting.

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