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Saturday, 4 April 2009

Christians believe?

One would suppose that a Christian believes in Jesus Christ and accepts the gospels as true accounts.

Modern Christians seem to believe none of it, so how can they call themselves Christian?

Neil Richardson, a Presbyter of St Paul's Cathedral, and the writer of an article in the current issue of Gay & Lesbian Humanist, says, “The very concepts of heaven and hell belong to the dark ages of human cruelty and abuse and should not feature in the modern Christian thought world at all. Heaven and hell were the carrot and stick used by the Church to keep the masses in a state of mental subjugation and it was always very wrong to do so.”

Of course this is not so. Jesus himself was concerned with little else and the story of his resurrection makes no sense without the reality of the last judgement followed by heaven and hell.

To sum the religion up, you could just say Christianity is Hell.


Anonymous said...

Exactly. I note a lot of so called Christians root their beliefs in the Old Testament views.

But even the New Testament has it's anti-gay screed in Romans 1. But that's just old Saul of Tarsus spouting his bullshit again. You never see one pronouncement from Jesus regarding homosexual conduct.

Roy Saich said...

But who can doubt that Saul of Tarsus (alias St. Paul) was reflecting accurately what Jesus said but is not recorded?

It is inconceivable that Jesus took the oposite view but St Paul and the others all suppressed it.

Anonymous said...

Of course, you’re right, Roy. This is just another example of how the religionists, when faced with just criticism of their ultimately untenable beliefs, will twist and turn to try to rescue something, anything, so as to hang on to belief at all costs. One would treat them with deep pity, but for the fact that they do so much harm in the world.

As regards the harm they do, in particular, these repeated attempts at justifying the unjustifiable are done with no concern for truth, consistency or logic. In other words, religion encourages playing fast and loose with some of the most important of ethical values. "Truth is beauty, beauty truth .....".