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Monday, 20 April 2009

Quiet Voice raised against McSpringer

Satisfying to see that the nutters who can’t tell their art from their arseholes didn’t so much as cause a dent in the impact of a Scottish showing of Jerry Springer: The Opera last night.

The Tayside and Fife newspaper the Courier tells us that a few – around twenty – members of that fine, rational, freethinking body Christian Voice (which is fronted by Stephen “Birdshit” Green) held a “peaceful protest” at St Andrews, where a student drama group are staging the musical.

That was nineteen better than the protest on the opening night: just one lonely member of Christian Voice turned up.

He was Dr Charles Ferguson, a lecturer, who handed out leaflets and told anyone willing to listen, “This show degrades Jesus and it is offensive and blasphemous. The Lord’s name is taken in vain and it degrades his person.”

A bit like those people who complained about what a character said in Coronation Street, these people feel that characters in dramas have the same clout as real people – and, even if they did, so what? We all have opinions and are entitled to express them. And Jerry is even further removed from reality in that, not only do characters do the “blaspheming”, but they do so at an even further remove: said characters are in a dream sequence, not the main plot of the piece.

But thank goodness for these Christian Voice types. Such dipshits give us such entertainment.

(Hat tip: Freethinker.)

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