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Sunday, 19 April 2009

Rolling back rampant Islam? At what price?

A month ago, my blog colleague Diesel B dared to hope that the tide was turning against rampant Islam, when the British High Court acknowledged that a campaign by two pushy Muslim governors to give Islam a greater presence in a state school had played a key part in forcing a successful head teacher from her job.

Now we learn that the teacher, Erica Connor, 57, the former head of the New Monument primary school in Woking, Surrey – who was forced to leave the school because of stress after she was scapegoated and accused of “Islamophobia” and won a compensation payout of over £400,000 because her employers failed to back her in the row – says she is unlikely to ever teach again.

Connor told BBC’s Radio 5 Live that the school had been faltering when she took over. She improved it and made it the second-most improved school in the country.

And this is the thanks she got.

The BBC website story tells us:

But from late 2003 her relationship with the school’s governors started to deteriorate.

Two Muslim governors claimed tensions existed between the school and the community, and Mrs Connor went on to face accusations of racism and Islamophobia.

At one point, a petition was circulated in the area against her. It contained, she said, “a very personal, vitriolic attack”.

“It was exceptionally distressing,” she said.

When she was accused of racism and “Islamophobia” – whatever that is – it attacked “the core of me: my values, my beliefs”.

So her county council – out pf political correctness, no doubt – bows to Islam by failing to give her support (ho hum, how many times have we seen this happening?) and what seems like a perfectly good teacher, doing a good job and making a silk purse from the proverbial sow’s ear finds herself on the scrapheap.

Because of what appears to be kowtowing instead of showing some testicular fortitude against the creeping menace, a woman has lost the job she loved and education has lost a good teacher.

This has come about because she’s lost confidence in her own ability.

The council has lodged an application to appeal against the High Court judge’s decision.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You really do have a big Muslim problem in Europe.

Thankfully we here in the U.S. only have to deal with the Christian fundamentalists. And they're rapidly losing ground.

I'm curious, what's the total number of governors in the school? Has to be at least three, possibly more. Why didn't the other governors step up on this one? Is it a lack of intestinal fortitude, or a fear of the backlash?