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Wednesday, 1 April 2009

For the want of a wimple

If you’re a man and want to become a nun (and who doesn’t?), change sex.

That is the answer of a 45-year-old Italian man, who’s really keen to get into the habit.

The man lives in a small town near Rome but intends to leave his job in May and travel to a country in northern Europe to have the sex-change op.

“I talked about my wish with a priest but I was misunderstood,” the anonymous man is reported to have said. “A conversation with a bishop was even worse.”

Meanwhile, a spokesman for CasaPound, a social justice organisation, Massimo Carletti, said, “All men and women should be equal and have equal opportunities.”

“He is determined to [achieve his dream] and we will help him,” Carletti said.

1 comment:

Barney John, Sheffield said...

You're taking the piss, right? This is an april fool - isn't it?