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Friday, 10 April 2009

Nourishment for arseholes – sorry our souls

A bishop is bleating that TV isn’t offering the Deluded Herd enough magic and mojo today, which Christians call Good Friday.

He’s Harold Miller, the Bishop of Down and Dromore in Northern Ireland, who, according to the BBC, claims there are no additional religious programmes, and those that are on will “do little to feed our souls”.

Miller says he would like to have seen more in-depth religious schedules running from Palm Sunday to Good Friday, but instead “pretty well nothing” has been on offer.

He pointed out that the morning service which was usually shown on Palm Sunday was “kicked off by the Formula One”.

Bishop Miller stressed that he “no longer expects anything of religious depth from ITV”[;] however[,] “the BBC, as our primary public broadcaster[,] really ought to find some way of recognising and painting the story of Good Friday.”

However, he praised the output of Radio Ulster as “almost perfection when it comes to religious broadcasting”.

Glad I don’t have to listen to Radio Ulster, then.

One has to ask the usual question, of course: why the hell should the millions of people who don’t give a monkey’s butt about religion have their usual programming shoved aside (probably wouldn’t make much difference to most viewers of television, for whom it’s just audible wallpaper, but the principle still holds)?

Why don’t the churches club together and run a digital TV station? Then they can have wall-to-wall wailing, chanting, preaching, hymn singing, genuflecting, wafer munching and talking to invisible people. And the rest of TV land can remain secular.

But the likes of Miller don’t want that. They want religion to be thrust on all of us, because they think it’s good for our souls.


Anonymous said...

Over the air and cable TV? What's that? I've gone to pure IP TV. Choose to watch what I want when I want. Works quite well.

News wise, RSS feeds rock. That's even how I read this blog.

If you want to use RSS download the Sage sidebar tool for Firefox and go to a blog address.

If it's on blogger just add /atom.xml to the end of the address and press enter. If it's a wordpress site or unknown just append /feed to the end.

Then drag the address into the Sage sidebar and voila!

quedula said...

Absolutely Andy. Religious broadcasting isn't educational or entertaining, (well it is unintentionally funny sometimes but you know what I mean). It is propaganda which can affect vulnerable minds. It isn't somehow "balanced" by non-religious programmes. It ought to be always countered by an atheist, humanist or anti-religionist broadcasting slot.

Theology Now said...

There is a plethora of religious digital TV channels - but no-one watches them! Last week God TV only had a daily viewership of 12,000 in the UK. God-awful TV has just had another one of its 'Missions Weeks' to raise funding (for itself). The channel had banked less than 5% of its target at the end of the scheduled Missions Week — as a result, the week had to be extended as 'the devil is trying to stop God TV's funding' (or so they tell us).