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Saturday, 4 April 2009


Police were called to a school in Lancashire, England, after a Muslim woman refused to remove her full-length veil for security reasons.

The unnamed woman was turned away from a parents’ evening at Our Lady and St John Catholic Art College in Blackburn.

The school – a comprehensive – has a policy of asking people to remove any head gear that hides their identity, including crash helmets and hoodies.

Staff say one-to-one meetings between female staff and women in all-body coverings would be allowed, but the school couldn’t have unidentifiable people wandering around corridors.

According to the Telegraph, the woman said, “The whole situation has upset me and I don’t like going to the school any more because I always leave crying.

“I can understand that people should be identified but I am just a normal person trying to lead a normal life. Why should how I dress make a difference?”

Well, for obvious reasons, dear. As the school told you, you can’t be identified. Apart from that, who in their right mind wants to talk to a walking body bag? It would be a most uncomfortable experience. We do things differently here. Get used to it.

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