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Monday, 19 October 2009

British Humanist Association boss moves on

Hanne Stinson is leaving the British Humanist Association (BHA) next month, after eight years as chief executive.

A BHA press release says:

Hanne describes those eight years as challenging, exciting and incredibly busy, and she praised the BHA’s highly committed staff team, which she said had achieved an enormous amount over that time. “Leaving the BHA is going to be a huge wrench” said Hanne, “but I think I am leaving it in pretty good shape. When I took on the BHA in 2001, I felt it was an organisation with a lot of potential.

“That is just as true now as it was then, and I feel sure that a new Chief Executive will be able to build on what we have achieved in the last few years to create an even more influential organisation. I am sure that he or she will have the support of the Board, of a committed, professional and highly effective staff team and – equally important – our growing and increasingly active membership.”

Robert Ashby, Chair of the BHA, said, “The BHA Board of Trustees, on behalf of all British Humanists, recognises a great debt of gratitude to Hanne for the dedication she has shown to our cause over the past eight years – a dedication that even lead to her being tattooed with the BHA’s Happy Human logo in the cause of fundraising.

“We all wish her well in the next challenges that she will no doubt take on. I and my colleagues are confident that we can continue to gain momentum with our public awareness and key equality and human rights campaigns, at the same time developing inspiration and support for all humanists in Britain.”

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