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Thursday, 1 October 2009

More baying for blood in Bonnie Scotland

They still want not only the blood but the entrails of the chap appointed a priest in Scotland, it seems, just because he doesn’t fit with some people’s ideas of what a guy should and shouldn’t do in private between consenting adults.

The Christian Institute – a rabidly homophobic bunch of nutcases in the UK, who seem to have sex on the brain – report that more and more churches are ganging up on Scott Rennie.

We reported back in May how the followers of gentle Jesus, meek and mild, would like to see the guy hounded out of a job.

The Christian Institute says:

[A] group of like-minded congregations set up to oppose the move says it has received more than 100 requests for application packs from churches wanting to join.

The Fellowship of Confessing Churches say 46 churches are already members.

One might ask why Rennie wanted to get involved with the priesthood in the first place, and—

Oh, but of course, he’s gay, and the priesthood would probably fall apart were it not for its gay members.

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Stuart Hartill said...

I have some hilarious evidence of not only the mental state of such loving souls, but the extent to which their friends in government collude in hiding their shortcomings.
You may know of Forward in Faith - an extreme 'traditionalist'group which wants to break away from the Anglican mainstream.
A few months back I discovered from records of a senior government meeting that a leading local F in F stalwart was appointed as the Manx representative of a specialist inter-government committee a few years ago. This even though at the time it was known to all locally in that 'specialist community' that she had been diagnosed with Altzheimers!
More amazingly, she remained on the committee even while in the latter stages of the disease, because nobody outside the Manx 'cabinet' even knew of the committee, the members, or the type of 'advice' they were passing back to governments around the British Isles. This 'advice' subsequently passed into legislation without a glance because it was assumed the experts knew what they were talking about.
So, mad, not just bad and dangerous to know, yet politicians don't see a problem.