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Wednesday, 21 October 2009

How the church makes money unethically

We’ve already seen how our concerned Christians invest in slave labour.

Now they get help – albeit indirectly – from a British judge to continue with dodgy investment.

We learn from Ekklesia (which also provided us with the information linked to above):

A High Court judge has today (20 October) blocked an attempt to launch a legal challenge over the government's use of taxpayers’ money in Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) investments which harm the environment and undermine human rights.

The three NGOs who brought the case condemned the decision and declared that they would appeal.

The news will please the Church of England, which is a major shareholder in RBS, having a stake in the company of £8.4 million.

One wonders why an organisation that claims that the ideology that it follows is full of sweetness and light and humility and caring and compassion would not pull out of any investment as soon as it smells anything that’s unethical.

And who would possibly trust a bank, of all things, to invest ethically?

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