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Sunday, 4 October 2009

Slobbering zealots

Oh, what a hoot! A councillor in Barnsley, Yorkshire, has summed up bone-worshipping Catholics as “slobbering zealots” – just the sort of phrase most of us would like to have used.

Councillor Tim Cheetham used the words on Twitter, and some people aren’t too happy about it.

May have been a bit silly, he being a councillor and all that. But, as Horace said, “Scire loqui decus est; decus est et scire tacere.”

Which means, “A word once released does not know how to return.”

His own words – which he could delete from Twitter, I believe – were, “With all those slobbering zealots kissing that glass case, I hope it has some mystical power to prevent swine flu.”

Well said!

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