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Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Credit where it’s due

Let’s give credit where it’s due in the case of Inayat Bunglawala of the Muslim Council of Britain. He thinks gays are given a hard time by Islam.

In a piece in the Guardian, he writes:

In Muslim communities the issue of homosexuality is very rarely discussed in a candid manner and is all too often wished away as if it is an affliction that involves other groups, not them. Not far from the surface, however, are reports of gay Muslim men being pressurised into rushed marriages by parents desperate to avoid any social stigma. The woman’s family is never told the truth about her husband’s sexuality, of course, with the result that another soul has to endure unhappiness due to the initial failure to face up to the issue. It is a highly dishonest and unethical approach.

Islamic scholars and imams should ideally be performing a much-needed pastoral role by helping in these situations and providing guidance. At the very least they should insist that any intimidation or discrimination against gay Muslims is unacceptable.

Why anyone should need a mojo man I don’t know; it’s up to them. But, if it weren’t for religion’s interference in the first place, most gays – Muslim and otherwise – would be a lot happier and at peace with themselves, and most others would never have thought homosexuality an issue in the first place. Religion is to blame for gays’ misery.

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